You Are Not Who You Used To Be

You aren’t who you used to be,
You are who you are now,
And you will continue to be that person
As long you continue to believe that.

It Hurts Alot When You Trust

It hurts alot when you trust someone blindly
And that someone proves that you are actually blind…!!!

Confession is a Matter of Bravery

Confession is a matter of bravery.
Either you pursue it once in your life,
Or you are going to get hunted till the day you die.

With You Love For Me

Over The
Mountains and Seas,
Your River Runs
with Your Love For Me …!

And Feel The Pain ..

Look straight in
The eyes and
Feel the pain
I hide inside.
But you don’t know
How much it HURTS.
The constant thought of
you tore me to pieces.
The more I thought
About it, the worse it got.

Just Because It Hurts

Just because it hurts,
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die.
You got to get up and try, try, try …!

Shield Yourself From Pain

Sometimes Its better to
Move forward someone away …
Not because you have stopped
Loving that someone ..

But because you have to
Shield yourself from PAIN ..

Being Alone Makes You Lonely

“People Think Being
Alone Makes You Lonely,
But I Don’t Think That’s True.
Being Surrounded by The
Wrong People is The
Loneliest Thing in The World.”

Kim Culbertson

That is Beauty of Relation

You Don’t Need Someone To Complete You …

You Just Need Someone to Accept You Completely ..!

That is The Beauty of a Relation ..!!

Good Morning .. ūüėõ

Happy World Kindness Day

Kindness is a Virtue
Only a Few Poses and
You are One of Them …
Sending You My Love
And Warm Wishes on
World Kindness Day

(World Kindness Day will
Be Celebrated on November 13, 2012)