Larka Bike Se Larki K Samny

Larka Bike Se Larki K Samny Zor Se Gira or
Sharmindagi Se Foran Khara Ho Gya

Larki: Oh My God. Apko Lagi To Nahi??

Larka: Nahi .. Main Bike Se Aisy Hi Utarta Hn .. :)

Insulting Jokes on Boys – Kiya Hataana Hai

Girl To Boy (in Party): Excuse Me!
Boy: Yes?
Girl: Meray Aik Hath Mein Plate Hai
Aur Aik Hath Mein Glass, I Can’t Use Them..
Kia Aap Meray Face Pr Se Aik Cheez Hata Saktay Hain?
Boy (Very Happy): Ge Bolain Kia Hataana Hai?
Girl: Apni Kuty Jesi Nazarain … :)

Human Without Sending SMS

Human= Eat + Work + Sleep + SMS

Donkey = Eat + Work + Sleep


Human = Donkey+ SMS

Human – SMS = Donkey

Hence Proved That Human
Without Sending SMS is Donkey
You’re Human? :)

A True Lover Will Come

Do U Know Why Gap Between Fingers?
A True Lover Will Come & Fill The Gaps By Holding Ur Hands.
Now Plz don’t Ask Me Why Gap Between The Legs? 😛

Koi Aapko Jab Pagal Kahe To

Koi Aapko Jab Pagal Kahe To..
To Dukhi Mat Hona,
Afsos Mat Karna,
Rona Bhi Nhi,
Darna Bhi Mat
Himat se Kharay Ho K Sochna



Ussse Pta Kaisy Chala? 😀

A Beautiful Girl to Boy

A Beautiful Girl to boy: Can I take your picture??

Boy (happily): Awww… Of-course! Why not.

After taking the picture …
Girl:- “Thank u very much,
I just love to collect Images of Natural
Disasters!” :)

You Cant Convince A Monkey

Don’t be Sad if a person prefers another person over you …
Because you can’t convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than a banana :)

Your Teeth are Like The Stars

Boy: Your Teeth Are Like The Stars

Girl: Awww …
Are They That Much Pretty?

Boy: No, Far Away From Each Other … 😀

Success Can Replace Failure

Light can replace Dark.

Success can replace Failure.

Smile can replace Pain.

But nothing can replace YOU


Defective piece
No replacement:-)

I Like Three Things

I Like 3 things:
1) Pizza.
2) Pepsi
3) You.

Pizza 2 eat.

Pepsi 2 drink.
You 2 clean the table 😀