Being Alone Makes You Lonely

“People Think Being
Alone Makes You Lonely,
But I Don’t Think That’s True.
Being Surrounded by The
Wrong People is The
Loneliest Thing in The World.”

Kim Culbertson

A True Care To Be Shown

A Very
Good Relationship
Needs Just 2 Things
A “Little Time”
To Be Spent Together
A “True Care
To Be Shown Forever.

Revenge Quotes – Best Revenge

The Best Revenge is
Moving On And
Getting Over It ..
Don’t Give Someone
The Satisfaction of
Watching You Suffer.

Take Care SMS – I Will Always With You

Being Near is Not Always
The Meaning of Being Dear …
I May Be Far From You,
But My Messages Are
Bridges To Make U Feel That
I Will Always With You.
Take care

Have a Nice Day – Decent Quotes

Five things You Can’t Recover in Life,
Stone After Thrown,
Word After Said,
Occasion After Missed,
Time After Gone
Trust After Lost ..!
Have a Nice Day.

Still I Love Those People

I’m not a perfect person,
I make a lot of mistakes but
Still I love those people
Who stay with me after
Knowing how I really am.

Every Tear is a Sigh of Commitment

Every Tear is A Sign of Commitment,
Every Silence is A Sign of Compromise,
Every Smile is A Sign of Attachment
Every Text is Assign of Remembrance.